BAKERSFIELD, Calif.—CSU Bakersfield assistant track and field coach Jonathan Matsumura has been awarded a USA Track & Field National Championships Mentorship grant. The USATF awards only six such grants each year.

Recipients will shadow one of the USATF Master coaches through the rounds and final of a chosen event. A group administrator will lead rap sessions after each round to discuss the grant recipient's experiences.

Matsumura's grant is for the 2017 USA National Championships.  He will be mentored in the combined events (the heptathlon and decathlon).  He will be shadowing Olympic Coaches Kris Mack of the US Training Center and Cliff Revelto Kansas State's head coach. The National Championships are set for June 22-24 and will be in Sacramento, Calif.

This is the second time Matsumura has been awarded a grant from the USATF. To qualify for the award, the recipient must be one of the following; a college head coach or assistant for minimum of 5 years, has coached an athlete to a national championship in the last five years or a high school state championship, or reach USATF Level 2 in any discipline.