`Runner Ambassador Program (R.A.P.)
for International Student-Athletes

Who we are and what we do:
The `Runner Ambassador Program (R.A.P.) was created to support, motivate, and provide the necessary resources distinctive to our international student-athletes. Our goal is to ensure that all of our international student-athletes enjoy their student experiences as they participate in their respective sports here at CSUB.

R.A.P. Advisory Committee Members:
o    Rosemary Stribling (chair) – Student-Athlete Academic Advisor

o    Luiza Martins – Graduate Leader
o    Doc Waller - `Runner Ready Program Coordinator
o    Gabriela Ochoa Vega – ISP Advisor
o    Sonia Silver – ISP Director
o    Kelly Proffer – ISP International Admissions Coach
o    Dr. Jackie Kegley – Philosophy Department Chair and Associate Professor
o    Dr. Cliona Murphy – History Department Chair and Professor
o    Dr. Isabella Kasselstrand – Sociology Assistant Professor
o    Richie Grant – Men’s Soccer Head Coach
o    Chris Hansen – Men’s & Women’s Director of Swimming
o    Cesar Benatti – Beach Volleyball Head Coach
o    Nicola Barrett – WAC and CSUB SAAC President and Women’s Water Polo Student-Athlete
o    Luka Seles – Men’s Swimming Student-Athlete and International Students' Club President
o    Owen van Krimpen – Men’s Swimming Student-Athlete

The R.A.P. Handbook
Click the following link to download a copy of the handbook.
In this handbook you will find everything you need for your adjustment here in the United States, including:

-Documentation information (i.e. I-20, I-94)
-Housing and living in Bakersfield
-International Student Health Insurance
-Financial resources
-Study Abroad/OPT opportunities
-ESL support

Quick Links for Incoming International Student-Athletes:
-          NCAA Initial Eligibility
-          NCAA Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility
-          CSUB General Admission Requirements

Quick Links for Continuing CSUB International Student-Athletes:
-          Visa Information
-          I-94 Information
-          Taxes Information
-          Optional Practical Training (OPT)

Questions? Please contact:
Rosemary Stribling
R.A.P. Coordinator

Luiza Martins

R.A.P. Co-Coordinator

Gabriela Ochoa Vega

International Students & Programs Advisor

Office of International Students & Programs (ISP)
Office - 661-654-6113, Fax - 661-654-6950

Website: http://www.csub.edu/isp/index.html

This program was created as an initiative of the NCAA Accelerating Academic Success Program (AASP) Grant to enhance academic support for our international student-athletes. For more information on the AASP Grant, click here.