BAKERSFIELD, Calif.- As the new season of competition gets underway for CSUB Athletics, the ‘Runner Ready program held their second annual Student-Athlete Leadership Academy this past weekend, giving each team the opportunity to send representatives and prepare them for their leadership roles this season and in their lives to come.

The Student-Athlete Leadership Academy was spearheaded by 'Runner Ready Coordinator Doc Waller along with Deputy Athletics Director Dena Freeman-Patton with help from the entire academic-support staff. Freeman-Patton says this event helps CSUB Athletics pursue the mission of building champions for life.

“The 2nd Annual Leadership Academy was a three-Day event filled with excellent speakers and team building events,” Freeman-Patton said. “This 2016 Leadership Academy class was very impressive and is poised to make CSUB better.”

This year’s guest-speaker lineup featured University President Dr. Horace Mitchell, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Thomas Wallace, Bakersfield Police Assistant Chief Lyle Martin, Nutritionist Theresa Quarles, Social Media Specialist Arleanna Waller, Center for Career Education & Community Engagement Director Dr. Markel Quarles, Shelly Carlin, Louise Torgerson, Professor of Philosophy Dr. Jacquelyn Kegley, and Director of Athletics Kenneth “Ziggy” Siegfried. There were several other leadership-activities and exercises for the student-athletes over the three-day event.

“Thank you to the speakers, we could not have done this without the support of the CSUB and Bakersfield community,” Freeman-Patton said. “This was the definition of ‘We’re All ‘Runners’.”

Dr. Kegley, a longtime supporter of CSUB Athletics, the namesake of the ‘Kegley Center for Student-Success’ the academic support center for student-athletes and a former faculty athletics representative says she was honored to be a guest speaker and was impressed with the leadership in the conference.

“I am more convinced than ever of how super our student-athletes are,” she said. “I was very-impressed with their discussion.”

The Student-Athlete Leadership Academy is one of the initiatives resulting in the 2015 NCAA Accelerated Academic Success Program grant that was awarded to CSUB. Other initiatives include the expansion of the Kegley Center for Student Success, the new facility will be opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 1.