CSUB Cheerleading tryout information


Please not that your appearance is an important part of the selection process. You should be "game ready" at all times throughout the weekend starting on May 20th and concluding May 21st.

Ladies- You are asked to have game make up on at all times and have your hair curled and styled as if you were at a game. You may wear bows if you like as long as it is blue or white.

Gentlemen- You are asked to be clean shaven or well-groomed and have trimmed hair.

T-shirts are not acceptable for the selection weekend for all candidates.

Ladies: Plain colored sports bra (white or royal blue), black cheer shorts, white socks, and white cheer shoes are expected.

Gentlemen: Plain colored t-shirt (white or royal blue), black gym shorts, white athletic socks, and shoes are expected.

Please be tasteful in your selections. Wearing other university/college logos or color is NOT recommended and you will be docked five points for doing so.

-- Shirts must be tucked in at all times for gentlemen.

-- Shoes must be worn at all times during the selection weekend.


How Important Is Appearance?

Appearance will be considered at all times during the try-out. You should wear what makes you the most comfortable however you all candidates are expected to wear CSUB colors and present themselves in a collegiate manner. This includes language and conversation subject matter. 

·         It is very important all candidates remember they are trying out for an extremely high profile position on campus as they will be representing California State University, Bakersfield

·         Gentlemen: Please shave or be well groomed before attending each clinic and selection weekend. This is required and expected from those who are selected for the program. Excessive facial hair will not be acceptable during the course of the year. This does include full beards or thick sideburns.

·         Gentlemen: No earrings may be worn at any time. This includes all practices, appearances, games, or special events.

·         Ladies: Are expected to look "Game Ready" at the pre-tryout clinic and at tryout’s. This includes natural make-up and hair curled, pulled up, hair bow, etc.

·         DO NOT wear a shirt that you found at the bottom of your closet for either the clinic or selection weekend!

·         DO NOT wear anything during the selection weekend that features another school or university's name, logo or mascot!


Female Candidates - Each candidate will be asked to perform two of the minimum standing skills:

Single standing back handspring, standing back tuck, standing back handspring tuck and a round off back tuck. Cartwheels are NOT considered tumbling.

Female Candidates- Each candidate will be asked to perform one minimum combinations of jumps to a standing tumbling skill. Examples include (but are not limited to): 

Toe touch/back handspring, Toe touch/back tuck, Double toe touch/ back tuck and Toe touch/back handspring/tuck. Cartwheels are NOT considered tumbling.

Male Candidates - It is recommended that each candidate perform a standing tuck. However, a male candidate may to execute any tumbling skill they fill most confrontable doing. Cartwheels are NOT considered tumbling.

Female Candidates - All female candidates will be asked to perform a minimum of two passes:
Round off (Tuck), Round off, back handspring (tuck), Round off, back handspring (layout)

Each candidate will be asked to show at least one additional tumbling passes. You may choose to show your best (mastered) tumbling skills at this time. You are asked that you choose tumbling passes that will make you competitive against the other candidates. Cartwheels are NOT considered tumbling

Male Candidates - Are encouraged to perform as much tumbling as possible. Examples are but not limited to: Round off, back handspring, or Round off tuck. Cartwheels are NOT considered tumbling


The CSUB fight song is required for all candidates. The CSUB fight includes a standing handspring and in expected to be performed throughout the season by those that tryout with standing tumbling. A toe touch may be substituted however score will reflect change to fight song. Please be sure that this is an area of high concentration for you while doing motions. Missed or incorrect motions will result in a dock in score. Fight song is expected to be performed at all sporting events and appearance without mistake.


Female candidates; Will be asked to perform one sidelines routine as taught during pre-tryout clinic to music. Please be sure that this is an area of high concentration for you while doing motions. Missed or incorrect motions will result in a dock in score

All material should be executed in a collegiate manner, conducive to college athletics. Excessive facials, arm waving, suggestive body movements and wide motions are not encouraged.

Candidates should be prepared to use poms, signs and megs during this section of the selection process. This is not required, but will be available during the sideline portion.

Megs are to be used by gentlemen only and poms are to be used by ladies only.



FEMALE Candidates:
All candidates will be asked to performed three of the minimum skills listed below. Execution and cleanness will be scored in additional to performing the skill.
1. Straight up Extension*
2. Straight up Liberty*
3. Straight up Stretch*

All candidates will be given the opportunity to perform one additional stunting skill. You are asked to perform a mastered skill and something that will set you apart from other candidates. Examples included but not limited to:
4. Full up Lib or variation*
5. Optional stunt sequence*
*Stunts may be full up or double down

** Male candidates will have separate co-ed skill requirements covered at the pre-tryout clinic

We are looking for candidates that display the ability to perform at more than one position. Being as versatile as possible with stunting is recommended.

Be prepared to move around in groups and to perform more than one base position if asked. We are looking for strength, technique and core awareness in stunting technique from each candidate.

Front spotting is not considered a part of a group and is not a position that will be scored

Question: Can I bring my own partner for my personal try-out?

Answer: NO. The CSUB cheerleading program does not benefit from people outside the program stunting with those trying out. The only exception that could be made is counting multiple group tryouts at one time in the event we have a large number of female’s tryouts in order to conserve strength and energy during the tryout process.

Question: Will all stunts be spotted at the selection weekend even if I can do the stunt?

Answer: YES. This is for safety purposes only and score will reflect if spotter assist in a stunt hitting.

Question: Is it harder for the old members to make the squad again?

Answer: YES. Returning squad members are expected to have listed skills and stand out from new candidates.


If you are selected to be a part of the CSUB, you'll be required to return for a team meeting and first practice after the team is announced.

If you are NOT selected for CSUB cheerleading teams during the selection process, DO NOT yourself or have your parents contact either the University or CSUB coaching staff. It will do you NO good and my result in you not being allowed to tryout in future years.

2016 Summer Commitments (*subject to change)

July Practice
May 8th,  9th and 10thTeam practice ( CSUB Main Campus) 10am-5pm each day
July 22th, 23rd and 24thTeam practice (CSUB Main Campus) 10am-5pm each day

Pre-camp practice
August 8th and 9th ( Time to be determined)
Details will be given out at July 24th practice

UCA College Cheer Camp (UC-Santa Barbara)
August 10-13 , 2016
Camp is mandatory for entire program.

2016-17 School Year Commitments

August 17-19, 2016: - University Days (CSUB main campus)

August 22, 2016: - First day of Fall Semester Classes

August 22nd, 2016: - First Practice of the year

August 26, 2016: - President’s Kickoff Rally & Rowdy Run

* Assigned volleyball games are required

* All home men's basketball games are required (including those that fall over Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks)

* All home women's basketball games are required (including those that fall over Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks)


1. Practice Times: Monday and Wednesday from 7:00pm-9:00 p.m., and Friday from 5:00pm-7:00 p.m. Please DO NOT register for classes during this time period as your practices are mandatory. In the event professors schedule tests during practice times pre-approval is needed to leave or miss practice on test day. We ask that you plan ahead and attempt to work out alternate test times with your professors when possible.

2. Work-Out/Conditioning Times: Conditioning times will be given to you prior to the start of the Fall Semester. The cheerleading program will work out as a team once times have been secured. You will be required to work out two (2) times per week and team will workouts will be on off days of scheduled practice days. If you do not work out, you do not cheer the game that week until that workout is made up, each work-out lasts about one hour.

3. Games: You are required to be present at all games for the sport you are supporting regardless of when the game may be - team members do not get to pick and choose games to attend. Everyone is expected to cheer for Men's and Women's Basketball. In the event there's a scheduled game over Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks, you WILL be expected to be present. All of the basketball players show up; therefore, you, too, will show up.

Please be aware of this requirement prior to trying out. We'll have as many approved schedules available for you to see during the try-out weekend as possible.

4. Local/Nationals Competition Commitment: College Nationals is not a program priority; rather, it is a goal. First and foremost, all squads must master game cheering and basic fundamentals for the primary purpose of CSUB cheerleading is support of our varsity sports. Every program member will be considered for a National team. An announce of any competitions selected and its members will be made during the fall term. Times, Dates and any possible fundraising information will be covered at that time.

Please keep in mind competitions require a lot of extra practice, time and patience. If you are selected for a competition team, plan on very little over breaks away from campus.