To All Roadrunners,

The purpose of this letter is to inform Roadrunner Nation that I will be stepping down as Athletics Director this summer and have accepted a similar post at Oakland University. Of course, in many ways, this is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, I am grateful to be given such an opportunity at a progressive and emerging academic institution, and simultaneously allow me to return to the state I was born in and where I have had many family members and close friends reside. But the cost of making such a move is leaving such a special place and I mean both CSUB as an institution and Bakersfield as a community.

I am a big proponent that is the "People that define places," and I feel so blessed to have worked for and with some of the best people that I have come across in higher education. These are the same sentiments I have for the community at large as they represent some of the most passionate, philanthropic, civic-minded and caring individuals that truly bleed blue and gold and understand what CSUB means to Bakersfield both regionally and nationally.

I hope that as everyone reflects on what has been accomplished with CSUB Athletics since November 2010, there is a sense of pride associated with the achievements of the department because it truly was a collaborative effort among the many different CSUB constituents. It would not have been possible without the tremendous support and hard work of the student-athletes, staff, administration, boosters, sponsors and everyone associated with the CSUB brand.

I will always remember my time in Bakersfield fondly. I am thankful to have been here, and to have made the many wonderful acquaintances that I did. I wish nothing but continued success for the department, the university, and the community itself.

Go 'Runners,

Jeff Konya