By Kayla Bailey Staff Writer

From playing for CSUB to now taking on the position of an assistant coach, Brandon Boren has had quite the journey through Bakersfield.

Being one of the first players to ever be apart of the CSUB baseball program, Boren can still remember back to his summer meet and greet with his new teammates all the way to his final season as a Roadrunner.

As a student-athlete, Boren set the school records for career batting average (.350), games played in a season (56-2010), most at-bats in a season (247-2010), doubles in a season (18-2010), runs scored in a season (53-2010), and hits in a season (98-2010).  He also holds the school record for most hits in a game (5-two times).

Boren has made quite a few moves through out his career since graduation. When ending his final season, Boren was offered a position as an infielder coach over at Bakersfield College where he played during the 2007 and 2008 seasons before transferring to CSUB.


"The coach called me literally three days later and offered me the position, I had nothing else going on so I decided to take the job," Boren said.


Upon accepting the offer from BC, Boren also received an offer from the baseball staff at CSUB.

"I turned them down because I already accepted the position at BC but it happened all over again the following year," he said.

Just finishing up opening weekend facing teams, Nebraska, USC and Fullerton the Roadrunners were set to return to Hardt field to play Tuesday against Cal State Northridge. Due to inclement weather conditions the game had to be postponed to Wed Feb. 20, 

"I think the cancellation will give us a chance to really practice, with opening weekend the last three days and coming back we haven't really got a chance to work on what we need to improve," Boren said.

Since playing in 2009, many improvements and adjustments have been made to the CSUB baseball program and Boren has been around since day one to see it all.

"When I got recruited, Bill Kernen was selling us a dirt field telling us this is where were going to play and to see it now; there's been a lot of improvement," he said.

Boren says there are many perks and differences that come along with being a coach and he says he is honored to be able to be on the coaching staff with head coach Bill Kernen.

 "Kernen as a coach is very intimidating, but now working with him he isn't that way at all. " he said. "I'm just learning the ways of Bill Kernen. It's great being on this side of it, cause as a player you just see the coaches on the field but now being behind the scenes, you're co-workers and they talk to you differently and they ask you you're opinion now, it's great having that relationship."

Boren will be back in the first base coach's box this weekend as CSUB hosts Hofstra at Hardt Field.