BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Following a review of updated Academic Progress Rate (APR) data regarding CSU Bakersfield men’s basketball, the NCAA announced today that the Roadrunners have met the required 900 threshold score and are thereby eligible for postseason play in the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The data, built on a four-year average provided by CSUB to the NCAA for 2007-2011, was below the required 900 benchmark needed to avoid a postseason ban.  Following a review of the data by CSUB administrators, a subsequent independent review by the University’s outside counsel for NCAA compliance and infractions matters and an official NCAA audit, the new data now accurately reflects CSUB’s score, taking the Roadrunners off of the ineligible list they were initially on when released on June 20, 2012.

“We are grateful that the process afforded CSUB the opportunity to work with the NCAA staff and recalculate our scores. It is our hope that the resolution of our data issues will help erase the perceptions, or misconceptions of our academic performance. The NCAA staff was very thorough in their review of our case and we appreciate their work and collaboration,” said CSUB Athletics Director Jeff Konya.

“We are pleased and grateful that the NCAA was willing to take the time and effort to further review and thoroughly research our APR scores over the past four years here at CSUB,” said Roadrunners’ head coach Rod Barnes. “I would like to thank our administration and the leadership in our athletic department for their committed and diligent pursuit of ensuring that our past APR scores were reported accurately.  Because of these findings, we are extremely excited that the restrictions on our program have been lifted and we again have the opportunity to participate in the post season next year.”

“Our coaching staff and players have stayed together and remained focused on moving our program to the next level throughout this process, but these findings certainly help us to continue to build on last season’s postseason success,” Barnes continued. “I am most excited for our players who regain the opportunity to pursue a post season birth.  This is a great day for Roadrunner Basketball!  We are excited, grateful and thankful to everyone involved and we look forward to next season.”

The initial average of 879 has been corrected to an accurate score of 910 for the academic years included in the report, all of which were before the arrival of current head coach Rod Barnes, who has had a stellar APR record during his college coaching career. Barnes has graduated 16 of the last 18 seniors he has coached.

“We are thankful to the NCAA for reviewing our situation and grateful that the determination was made that CSUB should be ‘postseason eligible’ in the upcoming men’s basketball season,” said CSUB President Dr. Horace Mitchell. “We are optimistic about the future of the APR in our men’s basketball program knowing that Coach Barnes and his staff are dedicated to the success of student-athletes on and off the court.”

CSUB’s men’s basketball program is now poised to build upon last season’s success that culminated in a postseason berth when the ‘Runners were part of the 32-team College Postseason Tournament. The ‘Runners also posted a 16-14 regular season record, the best to date at the Division I level.