Fan & Guest Information
CSUB athletic events should be an enjoyable experience for all guests. To promote athletic excellence and fan enjoyment, we ask for your assistance in displaying a high degree of sportsmanship at all times.
CSUB reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed hazardous or disruptive to the athletics event or the enjoyment of the event by other guests. All guests are subject to inspection and search for prohibited items. Event staff may examine the contents of bags, jackets, pockets, or any other personal item before admitting guests to the facility. In order to expedite entrance into the facility, it is recommended that guests not bring bags to events and arrive early at the facility gates.
Alcoholic beverages or containers of any kind are not permitted to enter athletics facilities. Persons identified with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises. Intoxicated guests will be subject to removal from the facility. CSUB prohibits smoking in all of its facilities, including athletics facilities.
Banners, signs, and flags are allowed in athletics facilities provided they do not impede another guest's view of the competition, cover any facility signage, and/or are not attached to the facility. Banners, signs, and flags on poles or sticks are prohibited. Athletic Game Management Staff reserves the right to remove any banner, sign, or flag that is in violation of the policy. Cameras with lenses less than six inches are allowed, however flash photography and stands/tripods are prohibited. For safety reasons, throwing objects in any athletics facility is prohibited. Violators are subject to removal from the facility.
CSUB provides accommodations for guests with disabilities at all athletics facilities. Parking for guests with accessibility needs is available on a first-come, first served basis for all athletics events.
In accordance with CSUB policies, guests are prohibited from coming onto the field or court at any time. Only participants, coaches, officials, and authorized personnel shall be allowed in the competition area before, during, and at the conclusion of the competition. This policy is for the safety of our guests, the officials, student-athletes, and coaches.
All gates open at least one hour prior to each event at the Icardo Center, Hardt Field, Main Soccer Field, Roadrunner Softball Complex, Hillman Aquatic Center, and Barnes Beach Volleyball Complex. Lost and found items will be taken to the University Police department following each event. You may contact the office at (661) 654-2677. Guests are encouraged to check the specific sport page at for the latest information.
Event day parking is located in Lot I for all sports except for Baseball. Baseball game day parking is found in Lot E. Please see locations of these lots on the campus map located here.